My goal is to share my career journey and inspire other dentists to keep learning. Scroll down to see my story. 

Dentist, Content Creator & Educator

Come along with me on my adventure of life


Started Dr. AshLift’s YouTube Channel

Enrolled in Mimetika’s year-long biomimetic program

Sold my equity in my office, became a part-time associate and part-time content creator.


Hired as a mentor for the Alleman Center of Biomimetic Dentistry.

Completed 5 restorative levels
at Occlusion Connections with
Dr. Clayton Chan.


Enrolled in the Biomimetic Mastership with the Alleman Center of Biomimetic Dentistry Mastership Program

Started my professional 
Instagram Dr. Ash Lifts. 

Became an owner dentist with Pacific Dental Services in Portland, OR.


Burned out of dentistry. I tried to quit and become a travel blogger. I traveled the world for 2 months, but ended up coming back to dentistry.


Graduated from Loma Linda University School of Dentistry and started working as an associate with Pacific Dental Services in Southern California.


The Timeline

Hi, I’m Ashley Chung, also known as Dr. AshLifts, and welcome to my online hub.

Meet Ash

I spend most of my days thinking about teeth and how to help other dentists do better dentistry, but I have some non-dental interests. Being physically fit is a big priority in my life! I enjoy hiking with my dog and powerlifting at the gym. I also love to eat good food, try new restaurants, and travel with my husband. When I am home, watching Kdramas on Netflix is my guilty pleasure, but I tend to sit, think, and plan. I mainly like to think about what content I will make next week and love the process of planning it all out.

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